Processing Home Appliances On Request

We process enameled iron household products and copper components in bulk.

With a system of modern, synchronous factories, advanced machinery, inspection and measurement equipment, 5S production process and a team of skilled employees. The source of raw materials is always thoroughly checked for origin. We are confident to bring customers the made in Vietnam products are of high quality and safety.

Especially, we have copper refining workshop right in the factory area so you can be assured that your copper products will not be mixed with impurities.

Why should you choose Uyen Phat as a partner?

  • Uyen Phat has had over 20 years of manufacturing and exporting to domestic and international markets such as Japan, Korea, China, and Europe.
  • Products are made 100% in Vietnam
  • Their source of raw materials ensures as required standard, without mixed impurities.
  • An attractive warranty policy will be provided.
  • The advanced factory system includes a glass surface factory, copper burner factory, stove body, and parts factory, standing tripod, and enameled equipment factory.
  • All products are tested for safety at least 3 times before being packaged
"Let's build a happy and safe kitchen together with UP"
Contact information

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