Assembling Kitchen Hood – OEM Service

Why should we do business with the kitchen hood?

Why should we do business with the hood?

The kitchen hood is an indispensable device in the kitchen. Surely you will not be satisfied if after cooking, the smell of food, grease still lingers in the house or haunts things around. Because of this, many families now find the hood as an effective device to prevent odors in and from the kitchen. The hood cannot only deodorize but also can filter toxic gas to keep your family space clean.

As increasing urbanization has been, as narrowed the housing area has been. Therefore the demand for kitchen hoods is increasing.

You are a kitchenware trader and want to create your own range hoods but do not want to invest too much cost and effort in building and operating a factory to produce and importing materials, and managing people. Understanding that demand, Uyen Phat develops further processing services to produce hoods on the market according to customers’ requirements and designs.

Why should you choose Uyen Phat as a partner?

  • Uyen Phat has had over 20 years of manufacturing and exporting to domestic and international markets such as Japan, Korea, China, and Europe.
  • Products are made 100% in Vietnam
  • Their source of raw materials ensures as required standard, without mixed impurities.
  • An attractive warranty policy will be provided.
  • The advanced factory system includes a glass surface factory, copper burner factory, stove body, and parts factory, standing tripod, and enameled equipment factory.
  • All products are tested for safety at least 3 times before being packaged

"Let's build a happy and safe kitchen together with UP"
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