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As society grows, so does the demand of consumers. Products are no longer merely a good quality and cheap price. The demand for aesthetics and health is increasing and consumers today will buy products that are aesthetically pleasing, safe for health and durable. And metal enameling technology was born to meet these market requirements.

Enamel is a characteristic combination of the glass properties (hygienic and tough) with the basic metal properties (durable, shaped and lightweight). Enamel is a silicate-glass protective layer. The characteristic of this protective layer is that it is chemically stable (resistant to corrosive conditions in chemicals such as acids and bases) that are stable under the effect of high temperatures (up to 500 ° C), used on metal surfaces with the purpose of protecting metal surfaces and serve the decoration.

So you raise the question that, can enamel help your product? The advantages of enamel:


  • Can withstand temperatures from -50 ° C and heat up to 500 ° C
  • Withstand sudden temperature changes (from 300 ° C down to 20 ° C)
  • The glass surface prevents bacterial growth as well as mold and dirt.
    Does not absorb odors
  • Enamel products are fired at high temperatures and are inert so they do not react with chemicals and acidic or alkaline components so it is very safe to use.
  • Easy to clean, no special maintenance required
  • Enamel can create a variety of colors, can be glossy, matte so it has a very high aesthetic
  • Enamel technology can be applied to many fields such as electrical appliances, kitchenware, etc.

In recent years, enamel applications have expanded to include products with less corrosive properties (aluminum, copper, stainless steel), in order to affirm the artistic value and application value and in addition is a safeguard for these materials.

What are the strengths of Uyen Phat in the enameling field?   


  • Uyen Phat Company has more than 20 years of experience in the enameling field, highly appreciated by domestic and foreign customers and production cooperation from fastidious markets such as Japan, Korea, and Taiwan…
  • Currently, we have many different colors like black, white, red, cream, yellow…, many kinds of enamel are imported from Korea, China, Turkey so they can meet every customer’s requirements.
  • With modern enameled production line imported from Korea, China can produce 30,000 products/day
  • With high-class enameling technology, the surface color lasts long, brilliant and dazzling with time, especially under light effects, ultraviolet rays, and air agents.
  • A pair of enthusiastic and experienced counselors

With over 20 years of experience, Uyen Phat is currently the top one in the field of enameled metal in Vietnam. We are confident to bring you the best quality enamel metal products with reasonable prices and the best consulting service.

"Let's build a happy and safe kitchen together with UP"
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