How to clean gas stove

Step 1: Turn off the stove, close the gas valve and make sure the gas stove is really cold.

Step 2: Lift the trivet out and wash it with water and then dry.

Lift the trivet out
Clean the trivet
Dry the trivet

Step 3: Use a brush or soft brush to wipe away the dust on the burner. Need to be cleaned daily to avoid food falling into the clogging, rusting of the burner. Note, only clean when the trivet has cooled down and the gas valve is locked.

Wipe off the dust on the burner with a soft brush and blower

Step 4: Use a soft cloth soaked in a little detergent to easily clean the glass surface of the stove. Note to use a cleaning cloth to remove stains on the edges of the stove.

In addition, you can clean the stove with dilute rice water to avoid discoloring the stove’s paint. The method is also very simple: Apply a thin layer of rice water on the stovetop, wait for it to dry, and then wipe it clean. The dried rice water will clean the grease on the stovetop.

Clean all the corners of the gas stove

Step 5: After cleaning and reinstalling the trivet, we can use the stove normally again.


The gas cylinder valve must be closed before cleaning the stove to ensure safety.

Clean the trivet with a soft warm cloth after each use.

Avoid spilling food onto the stove, causing the gas to clog.

Note to clean the stove immediately if spilled.

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